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Body Surgery

Secondary anatomical alterations to the natural aging process mean that different areas require surgical procedures aimed at recovering and reconstructing the anatomy in terms of volumetric proportion.

These techniques can be: in the chest region – breast surgery and according to the initial state of the patient in consultation, it will be decided which may be the appropriate plan to generate fewer side effects such as scars and altered sensitivity, either by anterior aleolar, submammary, inframammary or axillary plan in the case of transaxillary endoscopic surgery.

Supernumerary breasts: Presence of ectopic breast tissue. This will require an axillary extraction of the aforementioned tissues.

Body contouring surgery that in our case means ultrasonic liposuction which is less invasive without collateral damage such as: fibrosis, blood loss, fat embolization, among others. This technique produces additional retraction of the subcutaneous collagen mesh towards the muscle. The result of this technique produces bursting of fat cells known as emulsification.

Abdonimal dermolipectomy: in cases of loss of the youthful characteristics of the abdominal region of women and men, and excess of dermofatty tissues known as an abdominal flap is produced as a result and the muscles of the rectus abdominis are additionally dilated.

Surgical conduct in this case seeks to restore normal anatomical characteristics by closing the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin and fat tissue.

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