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Breast Surgery

BREAST Surgery is a procedure that seeks beauty through the proportion of the woman in an area as important as the breasts.

This objective is achieved through different techniques: breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery, breast lift surgery, surgery to correct the position and size of the areola and nipple.

In the case of breast augmentation surgery, the technique uses silicone or polyethylene implants, which are designed with a capsule or container and a silicone content or filling.

Silicone implants can cause mild, moderate-severe inflammatory reaction according to the tolerance of each patient, which is an individual response; This response is studied through radiological follow-up to rule out liquid collections, abnormal thickening of the inflammatory capsule containing the implant, or rupture of the implant.

The implants are recommended to be changed for periods of no more than 10 years to avoid risks of chronic inflammatory processes that lead to the development of anaplastic giant cell lymphoma described in the Mayo Clinic in the United States on rare occasions.

The general trend is to perform breast reconstruction with implants for patients with very small size or hypoplasia of the mammary gland and reconstruction with autologous tissues or the same patient in the case of having a good amount of breast tissue.

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