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Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty: The nose is a structure that consists of cartilage and bone both in its external structure and in the septum, the internal structure that separates the two nostrils. The growth of the nose is subject to the individual genetic program but is modified by trauma, scars or systemic alterations such as allergies or infections such as leprosy or leishmaniasis. Its external shape is very different between individuals given the ethnic biotype of each person, making Asian or African ethnic groups have a nose with very different characteristics than Caucasian people. Within the same individual there are asymmetries which make one nostril rounder or larger than the other.

It is also important to consider that the nose is the central element of the face. For this reason, on the one hand, it modifies the appearance of the entire face but, on the other, it must be in harmony with the other elements of the face. For this reason, not only the nose must be studied but also its relationship with the maxillary region as well. like the jaw including. chin.

With rhinoplasty you can thin the tip, rectify or increase the back, modify the angles of the nose in relation to the forehead or upper lip, as well as rectify the nostrils. Regarding the septum, or sheet that separates the two nostrils, irregularities that disturb the air column can be improved as well as the turbinates treated.

Septorhinoplasty (functional and aesthetic): This iconic surgery of the face will always have a functional double effect by improving the respiratory and aesthetic conditions when it seeks for the facial beauty, based on the proportions of the aesthetic units of the face.

Also, this procedure is performed depending on the case, an intranasal or transnasal incision or access which allows the structural separation of the nasal skeleton, the skin that covers it and the other structures at its base such as the septum. In some cases, scraping of the nasal hump can be used, if it exists and it is necessary.

Besides, to correct disproportions of the nose and create a beautiful profile, other structures such as nasal cartilages can be modified in position, thickness and projection.

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