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Facial Surgery

Facial surgery seeks to recover the young appeals and expression of the face. Through this precise technique without blood lost and minimum effects, the patient can reach the desired objective taking into consideration natural processes such as: sun damage, loss of tissue thick (fat, collagen, hyaluronic acid) and the and the effects of the force of gravity on facial tissues, which produces cracked and wrinkled skin, sun spots, loss of volumes in the cheek and cheekbone area, sagging of the eyebrows, eyelids, face and neck.

Actually, each medical case is analyzed of individual way, and each person has a different affectation according to genetic, metabolic, and labor characteristics. On the other hand, facial surgery will be aimed at correcting the superficial involvement of the skin with dermabrasions, physical, chemical or laser, lifting of the frontal area through endoscopic surgery with suspension of the eyebrows, lifting of the cheekbones and cheeks area through the so-called rhytidoplasty or deep traction vectors. Likewise, in the neck area through cervical platysma rejuvenation, and fillers can be used in volumetric loss.

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