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Maxillofacial surgery

This type of surgery that is structural needs a team, conform by an orthodontist and a surgeon, but we doing during the assessment is that the patient in consultation is referred to an orthodontic treatment and a prediction that will program the movement of the teeth in time ahead. To reach the goal of having an ideal bite. One this point is reached them, we can program the surgery and perform the procedure, so the patient will have a functional and aesthetic result based upon the program mentioned before.

The technique is developed mostly intraoral: by advancing or receding segments of either the mandible and the upper jaw depending on the need. As an advice, postoperative intraoral care regarding dental cleanliness is mandatory to avoid infections.

Mentoplasty (chin advancement): The modification of the chin position to improve the proportion of the profile can be conduct through into oral surgery by retreat the advantages of protrusion with previous planning an assessment it could be necessary. The removal of bone fragments to reduce the vertical length of the chin could be also considered. This technique is performed intraorally with the dissection or separation of the muscles, skin, and mucosa from the jaw.

Subsequently, the bone is cut and fixed using titanium miniplates and miniscrews as necessary to finally perform to the closure of the intraoral mucosa.

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